Understanding the industry!

Kovalite SKIN was brought to life because I needed it and I knew others would appreciate it as well. We all know that the best products come from the actual need of those who create them. Since dealing with cosmetic brands was part of my professional life long before Kovalite SKIN was created, it felt very natural to use this experience and build what’s best for men skincare.

For over a decade I have been working in Shanghai, helping the big and the small multinational beauty brands to build their strength in Asia. That was the time when masculinity standards have shifted yet again and phrases such as Skintelligent Men were born. What an amazing time for men to take care of their skin for real! Having such project on my own it was also the right time to come home and make Kovalite SKIN truly Polish brand.

Why Stress Relief then? Aren’t we all exposed to amounts of stress that make our life a constant mind battle? Stress and anxiety is with us every day. It should be ok to talk about it and there’s no shame in admitting how big of an impact it can have on our mental health.

Take me for example: moving my life and the family half the globe during covid, putting aside “international” career and challenging myself with the unknown. How to deal with such pressure if not by healthy habits? Healthy diet, workout, sleep and taking care of your skin. Yet I choose to use cosmetics not only to care about the skin but to stay in the rhythm. In this so called post-covid world we need small, daily rituals that can keep us focused and in positive state of mind. I have decided to create Kovalite SKIN for every man who is searching for that balance, even if he does not yet realizes, it can be found in a daily skincare routine.

"Healthy Habits Make A Ritual." – Chris Krakowski, founder of Kovalite SKIN

Kovalite SKIN caters to those who care:

  • Beauty Learners

    How can I find male beauty products that are good quality but still easy to use?

    Which forms of male beauty are acceptable? Which are right for me?

    How can I be beautiful but remain masculine?

    How can I educate myself about beauty tips and tricks to look better everyday?

  • Functional Essentialists

    How can I make sure that my healthy skin serves my career?

    How can I become better in choosing the right products?

    What brand and products can take care of basic concerns in the fastest, most efficient way?

  • Advanced Caretakers

    How can I improve my skin’s health and appearance along very specific criteria?

    How do I make sure I’m getting the best in ingredients and formulation, on par with the best female products but engineered for male skin?

    How can I get a skincare regimen specifically adapted for my skin and lifestyle?

A vision for sustainable male beauty

The things that define us are not just the actions we take, but also the ones we say no to. We want to play our part in the emergence of a more environmentally friendly world. Our mission is to build the best product possible, but to cause no unnecessary harm, and to limit and take responsibility for our impact on the environment in the process. 

At Kovalite SKIN, we believe that healthy, happy people make better products. The process of making anything on either an industrial or artisan level is a never anything more than the result of a series of human interactions. Humans are the key.

Like most cosmetics companies, we design, test, market and sell. These are our areas of strength. When considering new packaging or source materials factories, or evaluating current ones, we take an approach that that puts social and environmental practices on an equal part with quality standards and business requirements.


  • The rise of the male beauty vs. healthy lifestyle!

    Big stories are always built on strong cultural foundations. Major shifts in norms and popular aspirations bring about new behaviors. This is precisely what is happening at the moment as new definitions of masculinity and new lifestyle habits enter the mainstream and shape new Skintellectual man.

    Modern men are passionate about self-improvement. Self-improvement is a life philosophy, an ethic of self-cultivation and constant progress through good daily life habits.

  • Self-improvement habits against daily anxiety!

    Self-improvement is also intellectual and spiritual. This state of affairs is changing fast. From sports to music, fashion, travel and self-care; men are developing new passions, promoting a clean, natural, healthy look and becoming aware of skincare benefits. This is often linked to anti-aging or counterbalancing the effects of busy lifestyles with frequent overwork.

  • Advanced skincare to beat skin fatigue!

    From basic skincare, many men move forward towards advanced skincare. We believe that this transition marks an important inflexion point from skincare as a necessity (‘because I have to’) to skincare as a key lifestyle pursuit (‘because I want to’). Within advanced skincare we find products with sophisticated formulations. This is often linked to anti-aging or counterbalancing the effects of busy lifestyles with frequent overwork.

Healthy habit makes a ritual.

Kovalite SKIN aims at concerns that increase stress and as a consequence damage the skin. Solastalgia, Eco-anxiety, Post-Covid World, Work anxiety are here to stay.

We believe healthy habits make a ritual that can be beneficial in moments of anxiety.

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What does Kovalite mean?

Kovalite is a wordplay of the word "Covellite".
Covellite is a rare copper sulfide mineral, an attractive and sought-after collector's stone, sometimes used as a decorative stone. Very masculine mineral, rare, desired yet not glamorous. A kind of a stone that can symbolize us, men. Kovalite SKIN is a concept of an advanced skincare product line that will be welcomed in daily, skincare ritual.