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Skin care is the responsibility of every man.

How was Kovalite created?

The Kovalite brand was created because I needed such products and I knew that others were also looking for such products. It is common knowledge that the best products arise from the real needs of those who create them.

Supporting beauty brands has been part of my professional life long before Kovalite was founded. It seemed natural to me to use this experience to create the best in men's skincare.

Working for over a decade in Shanghai, I have helped large and small international cosmetics companies build their strength in Asian markets.

It was at this time that the standards of masculinity changed once again, and phrases like Skintelligent Men entered the industry vocabulary. What an amazing time for men to really take care of their skin! With such a project in mind, it was time to return home and make Kovalite SKIN a truly Polish brand.

Why Stress Relief?

We are all exposed to stress that makes our heads constantly argue with our own self? Stress and anxiety accompany us every day. We shouldn't be reluctant to talk about our concerns, and we shouldn't be ashamed to admit how much it affects our mental health.

Take me as an example: moving your whole life and family halfway around the globe during strict covid restrictions, putting aside an "international" career and challenging yourself to create a new brand on the market. How else to deal with such pressure, if not through healthy, daily habits? Healthy diet, training, sleep and skin care. Nevertheless, I decide to use cosmetics not only for skin care, but also to keep the right rhythm in my head. In this so-called post-covid world, we need small daily rituals to keep us focused and in a positive state of mind. I decided to create Kovalite SKIN for every man who is looking for such a balance, even if he does not yet realize that it can be found in everyday skin care.

"Healthy Habits Make A Ritual." – Chris Krakowski, founder of Kovalite SKIN

A vision of sustainable men's grooming

What defines us is not only the actions we take, but also the ones we say no to. We want to contribute to creating a more environmentally friendly world. Our mission is to create the best products so as not to cause unnecessary damage and to take responsibility for our impact on the environment.

At Kovalite SKIN, we believe that healthy and happy people make better products. The process of creating anything, whether on an industrial or artisanal level, is always the result of human interaction. People are the key.

Like most cosmetics companies, we design, test, market and sell. These are our strengths. When considering new packaging factories or source materials, or evaluating existing ones, we take an approach that puts social and environmental practices on par with quality standards and business requirements.

Healthy habits create a ritual

Kovalite SKIN focuses on situations that cause stress and, consequently, adversely affect the skin. Phenomena such as the post-covid world, solastalgia, concern for the environment, fears related to professional career or what will happen tomorrow will stay with us for a long time. We believe that by introducing healthy, everyday habits, we create rituals that can be effective in moments of uncertainty.

Where did the name Kovalite come from?

Kovalite is a pun on the word "Covellin". Covelline is a rare copper sulphide mineral, an attractive and sought-after collector's stone, sometimes used as a decorative stone. A very masculine mineral, desirable but not stunning from the first impression. A kind of stone that can symbolize us men. Kovalite SKIN is the concept of an advanced line of men's products that will help you create a grooming ritual.

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